Patin, Gobang Maju Restaurant

Every time Mr H wants to go to OUM Seri Rampai, I will pray that he will bring me along, hehehe. Reason being? There is a famous restaurant near OUM and this restaurant can be classified as 'food heaven'! The name of the restaurant is Gobang Maju.

Gobang Maju Restaurant.

The main attraction is the patin fish. But they serve other dishes too. As for the patin fish, you can have it grilled or cooked with tempoyak.

Ready to grill, with other choices of fishes too.

Patin with tempoyak.


I am also amazed by the varieties of green leaves that they have there. Sometimes Mr H and I will take a different plate for the ulam (green leaves). 


Varieties of food. Yummy!

The staffs preparing for the dishes.

The price for the patin fish with tempoyak is reasonable, ranging from RM 8 to RM 10 per plate. It depends whether you want to choose the head, the body or the tail part.

Grilled patin.

Grilled section.

If you want it to be grilled, they have a section meant for that. So you can choose what you want from that corner. 

Overall, they serve authentic Malay food, the one that you can find when you are eating in the village. This definitely reminds us of our childhood with our grandparents. 

The ambiance.

So guys, if you want to have local kampung dish, please follow the GPS location that I have shared above, hahaha.

Ambiance    :   7/10
Food            :   9/10
Price            :   8/10

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