Planning your next event?

Most of us don't host events in our own house nowadays. Simple reason! I don't know about others, but for me, the aftermath cleaning is very tiring. We once hosted an open house for Eid, and I think that will be our first and last, hahaha. It took 3 weeks for both of us to get the house into the same shape as it was before the open house.

Once, I saw someone hosting their Eid open house in a restaurant. Imagine that! It was supposed to be hosted at your house, hence the name open house, but then the guests were directed to a restaurant. But if I relate it to my past experience hosting my own open house, then I support 100% of what that person had done, hahaha. I can see the logic hosting an open house at a different venue from your house.

Here are the recommended venues around Klang Valley that you can consider on hosting your next event. So that after the tiring day, you can just go home and take a hot bath, NOT doing the cleaning :)

1. Glasshouse at Seputeh, Taman Seputeh

For details, click here

2. De'Gouffron, TTDI

For details, click here.

3. Laman Kayangan, Shah Alam

For details, click here.

No vacuum, no sweeping and no mopping needed. This is what we call life!

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