Popcorn maker

I bought this popcorn maker about 2 years ago. Because I am a popcorn lover!

But not the usual ones at the cinemas. I don't quite like the sweet popcorn. I prefer the salty flavour. I think the best I had ever tasted was in Melbourne, because it is coated with butter then sprinkled with salt. Yummy! I wonder why the Malaysian salty version did not add in the butter inside. The combination of butter and salt, wow! You will enjoy the movie more with them, hahaha. 

Oh ya, I had also tried the popcorn in one Bandung, Indonesia cinema. The taste is quite similar with the one in Melbourne. It gives you the happy effect when you see the staff pulling the gear to melt butter in your popcorn, hahaha.

So I bought this popcorn maker to make my own popcorn at home. So that I can add butter and salt with no restrictions to my popcorn :) I didn't tell Mr H at first because I'm afraid that he would discourage me from buying it. However, after I brought this home and make some, he was always first to be at the scene, to enjoy the fresh popping popcorn, hahaha.

It is very easy to make your own popcorn with this machine. All you have to do is pour the raw popcorn and press start. DO NOT add anything else. You can add the flavour later. Usually while waiting for the popcorn to finish popping, I would melt some butter on the stove. Once the popcorn are ready, I will pour the butter into the popcorn and then sprinkle some salt and sugar. More salt than the sugar of course, hahaha. If you love caramel more then you can just google the recipe of caramel online. 

This is the video to show you how easy it is to deal with the popcorn maker.

Now that you have seen how easy it is, why don't you get yourself one from Lazada online. Now you can have popcorn without even going to the cinema :)

Click here to buy the popcorn maker from Lazada. And just wait for it to be delivered at your doorsteps!

Well, now that I had mentioned about this, I think I am going to make myself a big bowl of popcorn, hahaha.

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