Refreshing Soda Drink

Refreshing soda and Hello Kitty :)

This was served with Homemade Mushroom Soup and French Bread. In this kind of weather nowadays, drinking iced soda is very refreshing. Okay, please ignore the content of sugar, hahaha.

These are the ingredients you need to prepare this Refreshing Soda.

1 bottle of ice cream Soda
1 tin of lychee
Lemon grass
2 lemons - sliced
Sour plum
Mint leaves
Ice cubes

*For the lemon grass, you have to cut the bottom a little bit, like this. So that the flavour can mix with the soda.

After that, all you have to is just mix all the ingredients together and taste.

See how easy peasy it is?

Mr looks content, that means it must have tastes good.

Last minute checking before the guests arrived.

So guys, this Refreshing Soda Drink can be a good idea to serve to your guests especially in this hot weather. And the time of preparation is only less than 10 minutes!

Here, watch this video I made while preparing this drink.

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