Ride Along 2 - The Review

I suddenly noticed that we still have one free GSC movie ticket. I actually got 5 tickets from winning a contest but I had given 4 to my students for getting high marks in their test, so I'm left with one. And the expiry date is approaching! So Mr H and I decided to watch Ride Along 2 with this free ticket. We only need to buy 1 more ticket.

Wefie before the movie - is a tradition.

We went to watch the movie in Setia Alam Mall. We arrived late, as usual hahaha so the movie had already started when we get to our seat. This time salty popcorn for me and one coke for Mr H.

The story is about Ben, who had just graduated from the Police Academy and is still on probation to be a detective. He is marrying the sister of James, Angela. So that will make James his brother in law. James is already a detective. A week before Ben and Angela wedding ceremony took place, Ben followed James to Miami to bring down a corrupted politician who also deals with drugs. 

A lot of incidents happen during this time. Ben nearly lost his job and James was supposed to be suspended from work. However, they proved to their superior that they can settle the case given to them. Ben had funny ways in dealing with crisis, I must say hahaha.

So even though this movie is not on the Blockbuster list, feel free to watch it because at least you can have a good laugh while watching. A movie that does not require much thinking - always my kind of movie! 

Rating: 6/10

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