Surprise dear husband!

It must had been a shock to the husband. When he thought the wife had died and suddenly the wife walked in attending her own funeral. The reason that he was so surprised to see her at the funeral? Because the husband was the one who ordered the murder of his own wife. Out of jealousy. 

I can't believe that this kind of story could happen now, during this era. Everything can be settled through a mutual understanding. If talking can't get you anywhere, then just divorce her. Don't pretend to be God by trying to take her life. I hope prison will teach you the lesson of life dear husband. Good luck!

This news was adapted from Fox 8 TV. Click on the title to read the full news.

‘Surprise! I’m still alive:’ Woman crashes her funeral in murder-for-hire plot

MELBOURNE, Australia– An Australian woman showed up at her own funeral, terrifying her husband, who police say paid to have her killed.

Noela Rukundo, a mother of eight, was visiting her native country of Burundi in January 2015 for her stepmother’s funeral when she was kidnapped, according to 
The Washington Post.
Her husband called her while she was resting in the hotel room and urged her to go outside and get some fresh air. It was a trap. A man pointed a gun at her and forced her into a car.

While tied to a chair, Rukundo listened to her kidnappers talk to her husband, Balenga Kalala, over the phone.

“Kill her,” he told the gunmen.

The Washington Post reported Kalala paid the kidnappers $7,000 to murder his wife, but they did not believe in killing women. They kept the cash, but set Rukundo free and gave her evidence to incriminate Kalala.

Five days later, Rukundo stepped out of a car outside her own funeral and approached her husband.

“Surprise! I’m alive!” she said to the father of three of her children. He screamed and asked her if she was a ghost.

Kalala was sentenced to nine years in prison. Chief Justice Marilyn Warren told The Washington Post his main motivation was “unfounded jealousy, anger and a desire to punish Ms. Rukundo.”

A detailed chronology of the story was also published here.

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