Tea anyone?

These are tea shops available around Klang Valley. Personally, I choose coffee over tea. But then when I look at these pictures, I imagine myself being in the ambiance. It must be very relaxing. Sipping tea and just unwind. I must tell Mr H to try all of these tea shops. Maybe I can demand this as a Valentine's treat, hahaha.

Here goes:

You can get the feeling of London, minus the snow, hahaha. Sipping English tea. Oh yeah, don't forget to show your pinkie :P

The mushroom soup looks delicious! And the scones too. I am a scones lover. That's why everytime Mr H mention the word Cameron Highland, my face light up immediately, hahaha.

This place looks cosy and resembles a 5 star hotel ambiance. 

So guys, what's your plan for this weekend? Let's try these places and pass our own judgment.

For more tea houses around Kland Valley, read this.

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