Teachers teach from the heart, not from the book

Received a whatsapp today, from a student I taught 5 years ago??? He asked us out for lunch. I agreed, so we scheduled to meet in SACC. He is already a practising lawyer, and this old teacher is nowhere near of being one, hahaha.

Arai, myself and Mr H.

After his foundation, he went to UM for his Law Degree. I remember one time I had to accompany UiTM students to the Parliament and he was also there. On his capacity as the President of Law Society UM. He approached me and asked, "Madam, do you remember me?" And I replied, "Yes, I think so." Errr.. I wonder why students always ask us this question. There are thousands of you. And if you don't resemble Hans Isaac or Aaron Aziz, please don't ask that question, hahaha. 

He was the President of Law Society and I was already proud of him. Now he is a lawyer, and I can't be more prouder. We did walk down memory lane, he told Mr H I was angry at him for wearing a round collar t-shirt and slippers to my class, hahaha. I guess that's the reason why he was wearing a tie even for a simple lunch with us, hahaha.

It is memory like this that makes me want to teach again. But then when I start to remember all the administration work and bureaucracy I had to deal with, I think better not, hahaha. 


Reading from the book is not teaching. You might as well be a newscaster. To be a teacher, one must master the art of public speaking. That means you must be witty as well, to answer all sorts of questions from the students. And experience does help a lot. 

So Arai, we both wish you the very best in your future undertakings. Thank you for the lunch treat today. Looking forward for more, hahaha. I am sure you will succeed in life. This is a prayer from your teacher. 

This is a video taken more than 10 years ago. My first experience as a part time lecturer in UiTM Seri Iskandar, Perak. I wonder where are they now. Hope that they are successful in whatever field they chose to be in. Amin.

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