Tesco Online - More discounts, more ongs!!!

I can't remember when was the last time we went to grocery shopping. With so many things going on with our life right now, I detest grocery shopping because I find that it's a waste of time. I need more time for my beauty sleep, hahaha. 

To get ready, to put on makeup, to walk to the parking lot, to start the engine, the traffic, the traffic light, to find parking space, to find the trolley and then walk from aisle to aisle trying to find the items you want. And what amaze me everytime is that the items I put in my trolley will always be more than the list that I am holding, hahaha.

Seriously I think that it is a waste of time just to choose the brand of soya drink that you want. Do you choose them based on colour or the uniqueness of the box? :)

So when I was introduced to Tesco Online, I was over the moon. You can shop in your pyjama and while watching your favourite drama. Since then, I will do my grocery shopping online. It is so easy. All you have to do is just click, click, click, choose the slot that you want them to deliver your groceries and go to sleep, hahaha. They will be there at your door delivering all your things and you don't even have to put on your makeup for that.

I think Mr H like this the best because who else had to carry the heavy cooking oil bottles and the bag of rice? So that is why he is very, very supportive of this online grocery shopping, hahaha.

What happen if you don't like what they bring you. Just tell them so and they will not include that item in your bill. See, it is so easy! 

In conjunction with this Chinese New Year, they are giving you RM 20 discount as ang pows (e-coupon) if your purchase is more than RM 200. 

Well, does anybody still get less than RM 200 for your monthly groceries shopping nowadays? *Sigh. You already save on petrol by asking them to deliver your groceries and now you are telling me that they also give RM 20 discount? Yay! What can you buy with RM 20? A lot! It can cover the cost of your Maggi mee, ice-cream, biscuits and plenty more. Hmmm, I wonder why there are only food in my list, hahaha.

All you have to do is type this e-coupon code "CNYHUAT" upon checking out and it will automatically deduct RM 20 from your total amount. Oh my, I see ice-cream, variety of them :P

*** This offer is valid till 11th of February 2016. Limit for first 1, 500 redemptions ONLY. Also limited to one (1) redemption per customer per address and is only applicable for online shopping. Terms and conditions apply.

Oh wait. There is more!

Dear Tesco Online, are you sure that's the price?

Monkey, oh monkey why so cheap???

So, what are you waiting for?

Go to Tesco Online now! 

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