The first time I touched the snow

Well, maybe this was not the first time. My parents brought me to US with them while I was still a baby. They studied for their Degree in Western Michigan University. My mother used to tell me that whenever both of them had classes in the morning, they had to send me to the babysitter. 

White as snow... Oh wait! It's the real snow, hahaha.

During winter, snow will be dropping on my eyelashes and I, being a baby, was annoyed with the snow but could not do anything. So my mother said, I would be staring at her, with my eyes blinking profusely, trying my best to avoid the snow from entering my eyes hahaha. 

These pictures and videos were taken 10 years ago, while I was studying for my Master in Melbourne, Victoria. The exact location was on Mount Buller. There's no snow in the city of Melbourne itself. So we had to travel to the outskirt area. I can't remember how long we were on the bus. But I remember waking up at 5 a.m. because the bus was supposed to leave very early.

Pretending to be cool and professional, when all I wanted to do is tossing myself on the ground. First time with snow, yeah!

So, like I had mentioned before, this was my very first time to touch the snow, well .... as an adult. The moment I touched the snow when I was a baby didn't count, hahaha. Because the snow touched me but I didn't touch it back :P

Watch this video to see the surrounding. Click here.

With my friend, Faz.

This is the entrance for the cafeteria, I think. Hope it is still there, 10 years had passed, hahaha.

We went there as a group, with the Indonesian students. Well, it doesn't matter, as long as I can see the snow with my own eyes.

This is the centre of attraction. So people are bustling in this area. I think most of us brought our own lunch that time. We were still students anyway. Click to see the video.

Some chose to ski. 

Some of them chose to slide, and the name of the game is Tobogan. I did not slide. I came here for the snowman. See for yourself how they slide happily. Check out this video.

When can we build the snowman????

This is not the snowman, sob sob. This is the duckman. Errr, what was it called again?

Yay!!!!! A snowman, wearing pink scarves? Errrr....

Faz, Iskandar (my ex student) and Mrs Snowman, hahaha.

I traveled thousands of kilometres, and guess what! On the Mount Buller itself I heard someone calling out my name. With Cik. That would mean only one thing. My student was calling... 
Aaaaa.... true enough. It was my student. He came to Melbourne for his Degree. 

It was an exciting experience. Who knows when will be the next time I touch the snow again...

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