To forgive and forget - Is it a myth?

Look up and smile :)

 Tulips are smiling too.

We are all humans. To forgive and forget is not built naturally in us. Sometimes we even justified this to ourselves by saying, "Well, I am no angel. I can't just forgive and forget"

I had been angry so many times that I had lost count, hahaha. Anger can easily develop into spite. And that is why we will hold on to that particular reason to be angry, for the rest of our lives. 

 Dear roses, will you forgive me?

I used to think that so many people had done so many wrongs to me. But I forget the fact that I had also done many wrongs to many people too, maybe sometimes unintentionally, but a wrong is still a wrong. I am of course, not an angel nor a prophet. Surely I have my fair share of wrongdoings too. 

I think that as I get older I can see things clearly now. That is one of the reasons why I like listening to the students. They give me a different perspectives for thinking altogether. To understand that there are in fact so many challenges out there, but Allah has not chosen me to face all that. I have to be thankful.

Famine, disease, poverty - Allah has not chosen me to endure all these. Praise to Allah.

To forgive and forget can actually become easy if you try hard. Once I read somewhere about forgiving. It is written like this "If you think it is difficult to forgive someone, please think whether Allah has forgiven you or not. Surely you had done so many wrongs to Him. What if He imposes this don't forgive and forget rule against you?" Wow, I suddenly remember all the things that happened in my life, where i had boldly said I won't forgive and forget.

Whenever we said, I will not forgive him, until the life hereafter. But, in the life hereafter, in front of Allah, we are so busy counting our own sins, hoping that Allah will spare us and forgive us. But we choose not to forgive that person? Are we more powerful than Allah? 

Beautiful creation of Allah.

Just ask yourself one thing, when Allah calls you through the azan, how fast do you respond to His calling? 

I rest my case.

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  1. It's good to forgive people but to always remember what they did wrong so that we don't do those mistakes. However, we tend to repeat it as we tend to "forgot" about it. It takes time to forgive someone but remember when was the last time you ask someone for forgiveness? Better yet, when's the last time you ask Allah for forgiveness?

    There's a lot of aspects in forgiving and forget. To forget, we must not repeat it too.

    For me, this are all part of life test (Dugaan) and to overcome it, we must always have patience and think properly. It's tough that we might make mistakes but we're humans after all. Don't forget what you did wrong and remember to not repeat it.

    In the end, move on and open a new chapter in life.