What we can learn from Rozita Che Wan and Dato Vida?

I am actually not a fan of theirs. But I do admire their success stories, from zero to hero. I am also aware that people has been talking about them non stop. Which makes me wonder sometimes, what is wrong with Rozita Che Wan (RCW) and Dato' Vida's (DV)? And then I realized that the problems did not come from them, but from the critics. 

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Maybe they envy RCW and DV luxurious lifestyle because they themselves are still living in flats. They want to buy RCW and DV clothes and handbags too but could not afford any. So the only avenue they have to show their frustration and anger is by criticizing RCW and DV every move. 

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The thing is that both of them are not affected at all by all the critics. Well, I wouldn't too if I can go to London twice a year. Why should I be upset just because of few comments made by the fans. Let's weigh this shall we? A. You got to go to London twice a year and shop like mad whenever you are there. B. Listen to the critics who always try to find your fault and will put you down every now and then. 

Which one will be your choice. I know mine. It is rather obvious.

There are few things that I observed while reading the news about them. They both have lots of positive aura and we should take advantage on this. Who asked you to follow the negative ones? Learn from their success and reflect it to yourselves on why can't you reach their level.

1. They both work hard day and night.

What we see now are their fruits of success. We did not get to see the hurdles, the hardships and the frustration they had before they reach this level. I am pretty sure with every success stories they have, there are also a bucket of tears before that. The key word here is to work hard. Unless you are born a millionaire, hard work has to be in your dictionary.

2. Build your empire, by investing.

I know that RCW has a sister who is a wealth planner. She must have played a big role in investing RCW's wealth. Rome was not built in one day. So she has been planning this for years. Now all she has to do is harvest the fruit that she has planted earlier. The same goes to DV too. Financial freedom is everybody's dream. But a dream is just a dream unless you take action on it. So stop dreaming and start taking action.

3. People won't stop talking about you, no matter what you do.

Well, it's just everybody's hobby. Mine too, hahaha. Gossiping. People talk, there is no way to shut them up. I know people are still talking about my decision to resign, even though I had been a housewife for nearly a year now, hahaha. Funny isn't it? The only important matter here is to listen to your heart. You don't have to live up to their expectations. Who are they? There's a reason why they talk behind your back, because they don't deserve to be in front. Allah is fair to everyone. There are also things to gossip about them, but they just didn't notice that :P

4. Ignore the haters, being happy is a choice.

Yes, be happy! Life is to short to be sad 24/7. If you need to be sad, just don't stay there long. Take control of your life. Just ignore the haters. Like I had mentioned before, nobody is perfect. So are the haters. But let them feel that they are perfect by criticizing you. Give them the chance to have that feeling, hahaha.

5. Smile!

There are many reasons to smile. You just have to find one. Don't let one critics spoil your day. If RCW and DV has to listen to every critics they get then they couldn't be in this position now. I remember an incident involving RCW and Edry KRU, she didn't have to be crazy over it. She just withdrew herself. Well, there are other job offers for her, so why must she be sad over this one. I admire the boldness of DV too. Everybody is talking about her. Telling her that she is inappropriate in so many ways, but what did she say? Let me define the term of inappropriate myself, you do not have to spell it out for me. Wow!

Seriously, every time I look at their luxurious life style, the only thing I have in mind is - I have to work harder to be like her. They are actually preaching what the Quran says. Work hard and you will be rewarded. As for the haters, well the Quran has definitely said something about you too. *Wink!

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