ZK Fish Head Curry Restaurant, Kg Attap

This restaurant is actually located near Mid Valley. Therefore, you can see it from the main road. It is easy to spot, just look at the long queue, usually during lunch. Every time Mr H and I passed by this restaurant, we will be wondering why is there such a long queue. The food served must be delicious. But we had never stop to try until that one fine day, hahaha.

Since we went there by motorcycle, Mr H just turned left from the main road. You cannot do this if you are driving a car because it is a one way road.

This is the address of the restaurant.

Can you see the queue? Let's join them, hahaha.

The highlight of this restaurant is of course the fish head curry. However, I don't think 2 persons can finish one serving of the huge fish head. Mr H did ask how much is the fish head, and the waiter said around RM 60. So we decided to take simple menu just for the purpose of trying out.

Big pot of curry. With lots of ladyfingers and tofu.

How can you say NO to this?

We took a plate by itself, hahaha. Because we thought it was not enough by just putting the gravy on the rice.

The curry is so delicious. My mouth is watering as I am typing this, hahaha. It's so thick you can really feel the taste lingers in your mouth. I think that this curry will be nice if you eat it with roti canai too.

Mr H's choice.

Mine. The rice was not mine OK, Mr H asked me to take the rice first before transferring it to his plate, hahaha.

Mr H likes this very much. Sometimes I will prepare him this simple dish at home and you can see he will eat more than 3 servings of rice, hahaha. Sliced onion sliced green chilli, and soya sauce.

On your mark, get set go! Hahaha.

Now for the price. I think it's really reasonable. Mr H was also quite surprised with the bill that came to us. We will come again to this restaurant, definitely!

The bill came up to RM 16 for 2 persons! 

But this is the price without drinks. Like I had mentioned before, Mr H and I usually will bring our own mineral water whenever we leave the house.

All in all, totally recommended for all curry lovers out there. If anyone is planning to buy me lunch here, then we can order the fish head this time, hahaha. Oh by the way, this restaurant is open everyday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Ambiance   :    7/10
Food           :   9/10
Price           :   9/10

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