13 hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi - The Review

When I watched the trailer of this movie on Youtube channel, I noticed that there are so many critics made towards Hillary Clinton in the comment section. That really makes me wonder, so of course I did some research on why majority of the American citizens are actually angry towards her. Well, to cut the story short, there were some issues about the incident. Political issues, which might affect the chances of Hillary running for President candidacy. Probably you want to find out about it too, hehehe. This movie was also made based on a book bearing the same title.

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We watched it in Subang Parade, together with two students who slept over at our house that night. The show was supposed to start at 11.45 pm and 11.30 pm we were still at home, in front of the dining table to be exact, hahaha.

So I was happy that the ticket was quite cheap, RM 40++ for the four of us. When we arrived we noticed that we had to take quite a number of steps to arrive at our cinema hall. Oh my, it was like running on a treadmill, hahaha. 

The story started by showing a contractor soldier, arrived at Libya and was taken to the Annex, the CIA post. He met with all the other Military Contractors. Their job then is to protect the US Ambassador who later died in the movie. Like always, I closed my eyes during the war scene, hahaha. Mr H got annoyed, of course. :P One of the students dozed off, hmmm no comment on that, hahaha. 

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The war scene is portrayed to happen at night. I had trouble actually trying to identify which one are the American soldiers and which one are the Islamic militants. They look the same to me, hahaha. Because it's dark, there are times when I wonder why did they kill people from their own gang? Well, they did not. But I couldn't differentiate them. :P

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So, if there is a soldier in you, you will enjoy the movie. Not so much for me as I like the chick flick type of movie more. But three guys against one that night, so they won. *Sigh.

Oh ya, there was no scene showing Hillary Clinton at all in the movie. That's why you have to find out on your own, what's the connection between them? :) 

Rating : 8/10

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