A busy weekend

Sorry I was in hiatus for quite sometime. It was a busy weekend. Actually I was busy even before the weekend came last week, hahaha. It started on Thursday when my ex students came over for a visit. One of them is from JB. So they put up a night at our house. Sorry guys you have to sleep in my Kitty room, hahaha. That's the only choice you had anyway!

Home cooked dinner.

We all went for a movie that night. We watched 13 hours. I will write the review later. It was an interesting movie, but one of the students dozed off, hahaha. Can you believe it? It was a movie on war mind you! I as usual, will close my eyes during the killing scene and will ask Mr H constantly, "What happened?" hahaha. 

Then came Friday, we had some work to do in KL. We stopped by at Senja Cafe for coffee. Will also write about this place later. It was cozy and nice.

Senja Cafe at Maju Junction.

Friday night, my cousin arrived with her family. We had a chat until past midnight. Mr H had already retreated to bed. He knows that if both of us meet, then there will be no full stop for us, hahaha. It was a good catch up. Sharing of memories and laughter of course.

On Saturday, Mr H's brother brought his family to swim. I was happy because apart from bringing their swimming gears, they also brought nasi lemak! So it was a picnic. The children happily swimming around the pool and then had a feast over the nasi lemak. Mr H was reluctant to swim at first but he finally joined in later. He played shark to my cousin's twins. I wonder if they really think Mr H as a shark, hahaha.

Saturday night, we all went to the new AEON Shah Alam. This was our first time. I was so happy that they have Boat Noodle there. But the queue was soooo long. By the time we get a place to eat the restaurant it will be long closed already. So we decided to have dinner at Ayam Penyet. 

Dinner at ayam penyet.

And then it was time to bring the twins to Dinosaur park. They have these dinosaurs walking around and if you pay RM 5 you can get a ride. By you, I mean the children, hahaha. Make sure you are under 9 (I guess). So only one of the twins tried it at first. His dinosaur collided with another dinosaur so he was scared. Upon seeing his brother wanting to be out of the park, the other brother then declined to have a ride. 

We then continued walking, we were actually trying to find something that all of us can be part of it. Do you get what I mean? The adults wanna play too! Hahaha. So we saw the train. Yay! Again, it was RM 5 per person. So all of us happily took the train. The train went around twice. I am relief that all of us arrived safely at the check point and no complaint about excessive passengers were made, hahaha.

My cousin and her family.

Mr H and me!

Can you see the train moving? 

The ticket for the train.

Sunday. Some of my family members came to visit. I cooked laksa. It is actually our family's favourite. Mr H helped me throughout the process. He had been such a dear in helping me with all the kitchen chores. I couldn't do it myself. 

It was a fun weekend, albeit tiring. Do you know what we did after all the guests had left? Sleep like there's no tomorrow, hahaha. Oh my! All parts of the body hurts. Mr H's brother called and told Mr H that he was on his way to drop something and will arrive in half an hour. Mr H said yes and continued to sleep. His brother's wife had to come knocking at our door because none of us were picking up the phone, hahaha. Sorry for that.

So, how did you guys spend your weekend? Hope it was fun as mine.

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