Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice - The Review

Mr H had been talking about this movie for months. He repeatedly told me that we have to watch this movie, whatever it takes. So when I told him that the movie is released on the 24th of March 2016, he was so excited. We went to watch it on the same day. 

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He was so excited that he said it's ok if we have to buy the Luxe ticket. And it will cost us RM 40! Luckily the time to watch for Luxe cinema did not suit us, so we had to watch it in the standard cinema, hahaha. The cinema was nearly full. Everybody wants to see these two icons at war.

Ok, to start with, I yawned every 20 minutes watching the movie, hehehe. It was not as what I had expected. The story line was quite blurry, it did not connect from one scene to another scene. The whole time I was watching the movie, all the WH questions were also hanging in my head. Why this? Where is that? Who did it? Oh my, it was so confusing! I did not even know what they were fighting for. And then came Wonderwoman in the scene, and again, the question why was not answered. At first she was also investigating Lex Luthor's activities, and then she was on a plane going somewhere?

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I do not know how to reinstate the storyline to you. I glanced at my watch every 5 minutes and kept wondering when will the movie end, hehehe. Mr H thought that I wanted to go to the restroom but that was not the case. I was just... bored. :(

There was a scene where Batman tried to steal the kryptonite and then Superman suddenly appears. Even Mr H had to agree with me on this one. Why did he appear? For what reason? Just to warn Batman? 

I am sorry to break this news to all Batman vs Superman fan sout there. But I am thankful to God that we did not choose to watch it in Luxe cinema. 

Rating   :   6/10

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