Brew & Bites Cafe

We had a meeting the other day, so we decided to try this new cafe which had just opened for a few days. It's located just in front of our house so that means there is a big chance we will be a frequent visitor of this cafe, hahaha. The name of the cafe is Brew & Bites. 

The door leading to the cafe.

Flowers for good luck.

Nice interior. Hipster style.

If you have kids, they will be happy playing in this area. So you can enjoy your food without them disturbing you, hahaha.

You will get positive vibes once you enter this cafe. I assure you.

Mr H and I already had our lunch so we just ordered their refreshing drinks. Our friend ordered two types of cakes. I had to remind myself that I am on diet, because just look at the cakes... I'm melting...

They even have macaroons!

This is my detox drink. Very refreshing. Cold-pressed.

Chocolate cake.

Cheese cake.

Overall I think this is a good meet-up place. You can enjoy the ambiance and concentrate doing your work. Perfect for business meetings too. They don't play loud music. Seriously I can't stand cafes with loud music. Brew & Bites is children friendly too since they had designated an area for children playing. So what are you waiting for? Come quick and try it for yourself! 

Ambiance      :     9/10
Food              :     7.5/10
Price              :     7/10

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