This happened four years ago. A true story. Of me. 

Picture credit to Google.

Me      :      I am sorry sir. I just don't know where else to go. I need someone to talk to. I'm so depressed! Five years had passed. I'm sure they won't allow me now. I'm really in trouble, so deep that I don't know how to come out of it. *sobbing.

Prof    :    Then, don't you think now is the time for you to find out from them?

Me     :     I'm afraid. I know they won't allow me.

Prof   :   *smiling. Naz, whenever your back is pressed against the wall, that is when you know you have to fight!

And I did. I faced the storm. And I came out of it, stronger than before. 

I went to see Prof to tell him all about it. His response was priceless. He said,

"I'm sure Allah is smiling upon you now."

And I smiled too. :)

Picture credit to Google.

When people ask me why do I spend my time listening to students, I will always remember this incident. If Prof had turned me down that day, I'm sure I am not who I am today. Sometimes the path is already there, all we need is just a little motivation. What I'm doing now is just to help others to come out from the darkness and see the light. Because the light is there. You just need to switch it on. ♡ 

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