Grand Hyatt KL - Anniversary

It was our anniversary. I told Mr H that I want to have dinner while looking at the view of KL. And Mr H replied, OK let's check our bank account, hehehe. So we agreed to go to Grand Hyatt after googling for suggestions AND we also agreed to scheme the menu first before ordering, hahaha. 

Pretending that we are listed on the 500 richest couple on earth, hahaha.

The restaurant is named as Thirty8 Restaurant, because it is located on the 38th floor. When we arrived at the lobby, there was some confusion on which lift to use. Apparently you can't go the Restaurant by taking the lift at the lobby. You have to go to the first floor (maybe, sorry I can't remember). From there you can take the lift to go to Thirty8 Restaurant. It was a long wait because the lift has to climb 38 levels!

We were welcome by this. The romantic mood has started.

I tried to take a picture of the KL view but the reflection was blurry.

Clearer picture now?

Another one.

This was taken from our seat.

We saw few couples with children, eating like it's part of their ritual already. But both of us were scheming the menu sheepishly because we know we couldn't afford but still want to feel like a boss, hahaha. Everybody seems to be at ease but we were scanning the crowd nervously. I am sure the waiter can see our reactions that night, hahaha. We certainly didn't belong there. The couple who pretended that they are on the 500 richest people list!

Mr H wondering, how many hours of lectures do I have to give to compensate for the bills, hahaha.

Mr H ordered fried rice with prawn. Very big prawn. Thumbs up!

I ordered cheese cake with ice cream. It's all that I could afford that night, hahaha.

Well, it did burn a big hole in our pocket, but it was worth the memory. You can feel that love is in the air the moment you step out of the lift. So I asked Mr H, do you think we will ever come back here again? And Mr H gasped in horror. Hahaha. That means a big NO!

Thirty8 Grand Hyatt KL? Checked! 

Ambiance     :    9.5/10
Food             :    9/10
Price             :    7/10 (unless you are a millionaire) :P

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