Guiding the greenhorns

Like I had mentioned before, I am quite close to my students. Past and present. Sometimes it's so touching to receive messages or calls from ex students that I had taught from 10 years ago. To see them climbing the ladders, I can't be prouder. These were the students that I had to cried my lung out, scolding them for being late, or not completing the tasks given, hahaha. 

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Some of them still contact me even after all those years, asking for guidance. And I am happy to oblige. Mr H and me feel that it's part of our duty to give them advices on matters that concern them. Sometimes even on personal matters. 

We feel that nobody was there to guide us when we need the guidance. Nobody told us how to go about doing things. Most of the advices we received were for us to succeed. But no plans were drawn to us. That is why we thought that we need to be there if the students ever want to ask us for guidance or perhaps just to talk about their life.

Trust me. Sometimes listening it the best gift you can offer to someone. And we feel contented knowing that we are helping another soul to achieve his/her dreams. I am glad that I have a husband who sees things as I do. He enjoys inspiring people as much as I do. Praise to Allah.

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So to all my students, past, present and future, if you ever need to talk about something, you know where and how to find me. :) Especially when you are thinking about giving up. ♡ 

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