Laksa Utara Section 7

It was a hot day. We were both looking for cendol. But then we saw laksa AND cendol. So of course that's where we were headed, hahaha. And I think we had made the correct decision to have chosen that stall :) This stall is located at Section 7, just across the street from Giant.

Giant Section 7. Do you see the red plastic bag hanging there? That is the stall. 

This is the GPS Location of Giant, Section 7.

I am sorry I could not find the exact GPS Location. The laksa was very tasty and since we were both hungry at that time, we finished it in just 5 minutes, hahaha. 

See how close it is to Giant Section 7?


Now I realized that I did not take any picture of the cendol. Maybe we were too busy finishing it, hahaha. Well, it was a hot day. So just use your imagination and have that cendol in your mind now! 

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