Little Rara Thai Noodle House, Jalan Kia Peng

Ok, still on the topic of boat noodle, hahaha. I read about this place in the newspaper. So one day I was so down, that I barely talk to Mr H. Mr H knew immediately something was wrong and he also know how to counter this problem. All he had to do is ask, "So, where do you feel like going?" hahaha. See, one simple question can settle all my sorrow. So I told him there's this place that I want to try and would you be kind enough to bring me there? :)

We followed the GPS Location given in their facebook but it did not bring us to the exact location. It is located at Jalan Kia Peng. You have to find Menara HLA first and this place is just beside it. You can't see it from the roadside, it's quite hidden actually. There is a parking space beside Menara HLA, you can park your car there and you can see Little Rara from the parking space. We did not know this so we parked in Menara HLA.

There is a night club before you proceed towards Little Rara (further inside). There's a car here that you can park your car. 

From the entrance.
(@ 100 m from the parking booth)

 It was on a weekday but the queue was still very long. Phewww. We had to place our name for booking and stay in line for about 15 minutes. I can't imagine what's the place would be like on weekends. 

The front look.

Little Rara Thai Noodle House.

The queue.

So while standing in queue, my eyes were already attracted to the grilled beef, hahaha.

My eyes, both glued to this. Grilled beef with their special sauce.

This is where we were seated.

Inside the stall.

This is the beef noodle. The bowl is bigger, not like the one in Boat Noodle House. So one is definitely enough.

Take a closer look.

Same condiments like at the Boat Noodle House.

This is mine. Seafood tomyam noodle. But I think I like Mr H's beef noodle better. :P


Iced green tea and Iced Thai Tea. 

 Kow Prow Rice. But Mr H prefers the one in Boat Noodle House.

Sauna prawn. That is the name of this menu.

What should we order next? Hahaha.

One of my favourite quote.

For reservation, you can call this number.

One of the cook. Mr H took the effort to go to the kitchen, hahaha.

If you want to try this place, I would suggest that you call first to book. Unless you are willing to queue in line, especially on weekends. But this must be on your Must Try list! Little Rara is open from 5 p.m. to 12 midnight and closed on Sundays.

Ambiance   :    7/10
Food           :    7.5/10
Price           :    7/10

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