London has fallen - The review

This post was supposed to be published on Friday. But again, I was busy with something else. I had an important meeting on Friday afternoon. New project in the pipeline. Mr H and me working together. 3 months deadline was given. Let's hope that we can make it. Please pray for us!

London has fallen - The poster.

So Mr H had repeatedly told me that we should watch this movie once it is in the cinema. Since Maybank is having their promotion, RM 10 per ticket (as long as the show is before 6 pm) in TGV, so that's where we were headed for this movie. 

I think secretly he wishes that he is Mike Banning, hahaha.

I think I nearly had a mild heart attack while watching the movie, hahaha. Suspense all the way in nearly all of the scenes. But it was more interesting than watching Gods of Egypt. The guys would have enjoyed London has fallen better because of the actions in the movie. All the time I was watching it both my eyes were glued to the screen. Even the popcorn could not distract me, hahaha. 

So this movie is about Mike Banning, who is the bodyguard of the US President. The British Prime Minister had passed away, so many leaders from all around the world had planned to go to the UK to pay their last respect. However, unknown to all of them, the funeral was planned by the US President's enemy from the past, Aamir Barkawi. It was his planning to gather all the leaders in one place so that it would be easier for him to finish them off. Of course, his main intention was to kill the US President. How lucky that the US President has a faithful bodyguard that protects him with all his strength.

One thing I noticed was how 'easy' the bodyguard (Banning) killed someone. Mr H said that he was trained that way, like an army. They were not supposed to have sympathy over their opponent. Oh my! That's why I am not an army, hahaha. So direct! Snap their neck, and just let them die. That easy? Phewwww....

I would recommend you to watch this movie, preferably with a partner. So that they can tell you what is happening while you close your eyes during the 'killing part', hahaha. How I annoyed Mr H that day by doing this, hahaha. I closed my eyes and keep asking him, what happened? What happened? :P

Rating     :    8.5/10 

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