Milo Ice-cream

One of my students told me to get this ice-cream. It was after I uploaded a photo of me trying the Magnum Ice-cream. And yes, Milo ice-cream is creamier! :)

I think all of us grow up with Milo brand. We have it for breakfast, tea time and sometimes before bed. When I was dieting, I only take a mug of Milo at night. Notice the past tense in the previous sentence? Hahaha. So Milo itself is already a popular brand, which needs no introduction at all.

It is cheap too. Even with the GST added, hahaha.

And healthier. You can check the nutrition information.

Now you see it in full.

Now you see it in half, hahaha.

So guys, hurry up to the nearest shop to taste it yourself! I was told that this Milo ice-cream has a very high rate of depletion in stores, hahaha. Because it is soooo popular. 


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