Orient Aroma Restaurant

Mr H had a sudden craving of Nasi Arab. It's not a problem because we have one Arabic Restaurant near our house. We went there few times and even hosted my aunty's birthday party there. I am not a fan of Nasi Arab, I think it's too dry but Mr H can go crazy if served with Nasi Arab, hahaha. Of course, he will eat more than a plate of rice. 

The price is quite reasonable and the portion was big enough. But Mr H asked for a second serving of the rice anyway :P 

Mr H's choice. He ate 2 plates of this. So I think his action speaks for itself :P By the way this is lamb.

I was on diet. Notice the past tense 'was'? Hahaha. So chicken and salad only! Yummy!

Ginger Arabic Tea.

I would really recommend you the Arabic Tea. It has its own aroma. Not too sweet, just nice to suits your taste bud. 

So if you feel like having the Arabic Theme tonight, please come over. :) 

Ambiance   :     8/10
Food            :    9/10
Price           :     8/10

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