Our love story

Mr H and I are actually colleagues, working in the same department. I joined the department in 2007. Mr H earlier. So as colleagues, the hi hi bye bye are common among us. It was our ritual for years. Never had we imagined that one day we will become room mates, hahaha.

We had also worked in the same team occasionally. We were both in the timetable committee, faculty dinner committee, students activities committee and etc. Well, it was a busy faculty, hahaha. We became closer when Mr H became the Chairman of the Examination Committee and I was one of the Committee Member. We had few meetings together. Once, I was so distraught because there were so many problems with the exam that I went straight to him and complaint. And I noticed that he subtly ran away from the scene, maybe because he couldn't stand me babbling, hahaha.

Nevertheless, we became closer because of the examination. We have to spend hours together with other committees preparing for the examination timetable. So what brought us together? I had encountered a major problem at work. Nobody believed me. Only two of my colleagues in the office dare to ask me what was really happening? One of them was Mr H. He even offered to help me to straighten out all the miscommunication. I was helpless at the time. So Mr H gained my trust because he asked for the truth.

Our first date was at Tony Roma's, Sunway Pyramid, on Mr H's birthday, 5 years ago. He asked me out but we only talked about work most of the time, hahaha. What a boring date. We were just colleagues trying to be friends. To improve the hi hi bye bye communication skills that we had. :P

We began to spend time together and after a year we decided to tie the knot. Of course, we received adverse comments from everybody in the department. I have to say that because of the decision we took, we were then transferred to another branch, as a couple.

But both families were very supportive of our wedding. I guess everybody deserves to live a happy life, with love. And love has definitely make both of us stronger.

This year will be the 4th year of our marriage, that means we have been close friends for 5 years. After all that we had been through, we are still standing together, InsyaAllah. Hoping that we will be together for many more years to come. Mr H, my defender, I love you.


  1. Alhamdulillah that you both met & grew closer each day. Reading this gives me hope that one day I too find someone hahaha!

    I doakan that everything will be okay and good for you, Madam.

    Sincerely, A.

  2. My lecturer that I like the most, may Allah bless you and your family. You deserve a happy life.

    1. Thanks, please continue praying for us :) I will definitely pray for your happiness too.