Padthai by Yahya

This restaurant is located at Taipan, USJ. They served Thai food with reasonable price. We had went there two years ago. So that night we decided to go again to this place.

Padthai by Yahya.

Waiting for the food. Kungfu panda with panda eyes.

It was quite full that night. I guess everybody was craving for Thai food, hahaha. As usual Mr H could not see padkapau rice on the menu. That will be his ultimate choice. The problem was that, he also wanted to try their tomyam noodles. So the solution? Order both! Hahaha.

Thai Iced Tea and Lime Juice.

I ordered Padthai, the signature of the restaurant.

Padkapau Rice.

Tomyam Noodle.

Mr H still prefers the Padkapau Rice served by Boat Noodle. But there was not even a rice or a chili left on his plate. So I'm still wondering here, hahaha. 

If you are ever in Taipan and you feel like having Thai food, feel free to drop at Padthai by Yahya. They open from 12 noon to 11 pm. 

Ambiance    :     8/10
Food            :     8/10
Price            :     8.5/10

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