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We ordered pavlova for Mr H's brother. It was his birthday last week and it was supposed to be a surprise for his brother. But Mr H is not someone you can trust for planning surprises. More often than not, I will end up getting surprised even before the surprise started, hahaha. He totally panicked when his brother told him that he and his family will be away on that weekend. Mr H keeps looking at me and asked, "What should I do? What should I do?" Hahaha. 

That's Mr H if you want to know. If you are planning a surprise party, please do not take him as the planner. Once he wanted to surprise me by taking me to Medan, Indonesia for my birthday. And do you know what happened? He booked the ticket flight so that we will be back on Sunday afternoon. The thing is, we were working in Kedah that time. Sunday was NOT a public holiday there!!! Then he panicked and asked me to settle all the chaos, hahaha.

I had always scroll Pandacookiss instagram and could not miss their delicate beautiful cakes. You can see it for yourself. Even Mr H commented, wow how many hours do they spend decorating the cakes? Hahaha. I surely cannot be as delicate as that. The cake is so beautiful that I decided to try one of their pavlovas. It was also on promotion that weekend. RM 80 per pavlova.

Can you see the juicy fruits?

We went to self-pickup at Petronas Kota Kemuning. Fira was so kind to whatsapp me the GPS Location. They also offer delivery service but you have to ask them about it. As for Mr H and me, we were on our way to deliver the cake ourselves to the birthday boy. So that's why we preferred self-pickup.

My sister in law cooked fried mihun. And half of it went into Mr H's stomach, hahaha. 

That's another think that you should know about Mr H. He cannot abstain himself from noodles!

Mr H and his brother. But I think the pavlova is more important!

Birthday boy seems happy!

The pavlova was delicious. It was not that sweet so it was a plus point. Sometimes I couldn't eat pavlova served at some cafes because it was too sweet. The fruits are fresh too. I think it is worth the RM 80. Thanks Pandacookiss for putting a smile on the birthday boy. And Mr H too, hahaha.

So if you want to try their pavlova or other cakes, please visit their Pandacookiss instagram and whatsapp:

 Fira - 0122711858 

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