Pineapple tarts and cakes in Bangi

If you are in Bangi then you are in luck. If you are near that area, well, you can always arrange for pick up or maybe delivery. :) Because I am going to show you pictures of delicious tarts and cakes and let's hope that you won't feel hungry by reading this post, hahaha.

This is under the brand name of Delinaze. The pineapple tarts are known as Rose Tarts. They have 3 flavours:

1. Delinaze Rose Tarts Original
2. Delinaze Rose Tarts Strawberry
3. Delinaze Rose Tarts Blueberry

 Delinaze Rose Tarts Original

Delinaze Rose Tarts Strawberry

They come in three types of packaging:

1. 10 pieces is RM 6.
2. Small jar with 30 pieces is RM 18.
3. Big jar with 50 pieces is RM 30.

 Big jar, small jar, packet (10 pieces).

*Prices are subject to changes.

They also do cakes for birthdays, engagements and weddings. Or you can just order their cakes and have them with family, for tea maybe.

Fondant cake.

These will be nice for engagements.

Two-tier wedding cake.

Nicely decorated.

Cake with yellow flowers. The royal colour!

Another royal colour cake. Two tier.

Wow! This one really looks yummy.

You can request for blue roses!

You can have a look at many other pictures of their delicious tarts and cakes at their FB: Delinaze and Instagram: Delinaze_deluck.

Hurry and place your order now:

Radziah binti Mat Zin   0129446259 

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