Prof Nooh's farewell

This was actually an event hosted by Mr H's colleagues in UTM. I was just the tag along, to anywhere where food is concerned, hahaha. The event was to mark Prof Nooh's farewell, for his retirement. He's one of Mr H's lecturer for his PhD. In Mr H's own words, Prof Nooh is someone humble, easy going and a knowledgeable person. :) I asked Mr H to describe him in just one word. Mr H said 'fatherly'. 

I met Prof Nooh and his wife first during their Hari Raya open house. Can still remember the spaghetti, hahaha. Ok sorry, back to the story. I promised Mr H this post will not be about food, hehehe. 

So, Mr H told me that we have to bring something because they agreed that it should be pot luck. We stopped by at Dunkin Donuts to buy donuts on our way to the party. So that's what we brought, dozens of donuts, hahaha.

Prof Nooh giving his speech.

When we arrived, Prof Nooh was delivering his speech. So we were just in time for Mr H to record part of his speech. He is retiring so his speech will be treasured like gold.:) 

After he finished his speech, Dr Ary then had given a few words. She also announced that there will be prize giving ceremony for the best presentation during their conference.

Dr Ary in grey.

MJIIT students.

Professor from Japan was given MJIIT jacket.

Part of the crowd.

MJIIT students.

Now, eating time, hahaha. The moment I had waited for. There were a lot of food that day. Even KFC! I think we tried all. The soto, the beriyani and the fruit punch. 

Moroccan salad? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Beautiful cake.

I was craving for KFC. Alhamdulillah, can eat for free!

Kuih cara.

They all looked happy. Must be after they had eaten, hihihi.

The fruit punch. My favourite.

The best beriyani!

Prof Nooh cutting his cake.

Well, it was a memorable event. Even for me. Even though I'm not part of them, hahaha. The food was delicious and I think everyone had a good time. As for Prof Nooh, hoping that he will have an enjoyable retirement. If there is invitation for another open house, don't forget us here, hehehe.


  1. Glad u love d fruit cocktail...and hey gurl..happy to hv met you there!

  2. I want the recipe for that fruit cocktail! Hehehe.