Senja Cafe, Maju Junction

We were in Maju Junction Mall, KL for some project. After we settled our job, it was raining heavily. We were both expecting guests, my cousin, who told us that she will be arriving after 8 p.m. Since it was only 5 p.m. at that time, we thought of having coffee at one of the cafe there. So that's when we saw Senja Cafe and decided to give it a try.

This is their menu.

Sorry about the light. Even Samsung Note 4 can't fix that, hahaha. 

 Laksa Utara for RM 16.90 only.

The price seems reasonable for a cafe.

I ordered Curry Mee and Mr H was full so he just ordered Butter Teh Tarik. One of the main reason why he ordered that was because the uniqueness of the drink. Butter in the Teh Tarik? Errrr....

This is Mr H's drink. It still feels like drinking Teh Tarik but with buttery taste?

Sorry for that, I only realized that we didn't take any picture of my Curry Mee when I'm almost done. :)

That would be the kitchen. It is near where we were seated.

The interior.

Flowery Mr H!

The food was nice. The price is reasonable and I think their ambiance is perfect for you to unwind. You can even do your job here while enjoying the ambiance.

This is what I get after we paid the bill. Yay!

Free Coffee or Tea on the next visit, valid until 15th of April 2016. Wow, I really have to ask Mr H to take me here again soon! 

Ambiance   :   9/10
Food           :   7/10
Price           :   8/10

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