Submitting to Allah was at UKM

This is one of the perks of being a lecturer, you have students everywhere, hahaha. Mr H used to be jealous of this. When we transferred from Kedah, both of us tried to whatsapp our students in Merbok to help us with the moving. And lots of my students came to help. I even received whatsapp from students whom I did not ask for help. They whatsapp me to offer their help when they heard the news, without me asking, hahaha. Alhamdulillah. 

Mr H, on the other hand, received no reply from his students. So on the moving day, all of them who came to help were my students. And Mr H keeps on wondering how I managed to get them help willingly, when we were there in Merbok for only 9 months, hahaha. How did I gain their trust! Well, I have good students. So far all of them are still in touch. I am thankful that they did not run away whenever they see me outside of the university, hahaha.

That being said, it was easy to arrange for a book signing event at the Law Faculty of UKM. The President of Law Society in UKM was my student, Hakimi. *wink

It was nice to see my former students there. Pursuing their Degree. Some of them asked for our opinion on personal matters. Some of them were very busy that day but still managed to sneak out from their classes just to buy Submitting to Allah. Thank you all. Do you know that I cried on our way back home. I was so touched that my students still remember me even though I taught them few years ago.

I also received a shawl from one of them, Nini. She is now the owner of Deanini. Praise to Allah! I am happy that she can manage both, her studies and her business at the same time. Talk about time management, phewww! I had also wrote about her shawl. You girls should have a look here.

These are some of the pictures they took on that day. Everybody seems happy. I guess they had forgive and forget on whatever that happened between us, hahaha. Well, you can ask them for testimony on my teaching. They said I am a tigress!

Ready for the signing!

He was in full suit, but wait till you see his shoes! Or should I say slippers? Hahaha, sorry Shahrezal.

Nini on the very left, Naufal next to him. Thanks to Naufal who arranged for this event. Oh, Hakimi is the one on the right. The President of Law Society.

Keep the receipt ok, for tax relief, hahaha.

Some of the girls.

Busy day!

I hope they are giving me nice reviews, hehehe.

One of them, Farhan called to make sure I was still there at the faculty before he came. He was at the clinic. Thank you for coming.

Gave some advises to him. 

Thank you everyone for the support. And I hope that we can maintain the relationship as it is. Unless if you become a top lawyer and you feel that you don't want me in your life anymore, hehehe.

*Read this, if you want to get a copy. Thanks!

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