Tuan Faridah Restaurant - Nasi Ayam Kampung

Mr H is a fan of ayam kampung, or should I call it as 'chicken village'? Hahaha. I am not. When I was small, I used to watch the chickens and roosters of my grandfather running around the house. I even watched some of them turned into fried chicken :( So I have a soft spot for ayam kampung. 

I remember one of my brothers threw a stick at one chick. My grandfather tried to save the chick but alas, it died. When asked, why did you do that? He said, he was angry at the chick because he asked the chick to stop running, he wants to see the colourful feathers of the chick. But the chick did not listen to him so he threw a stick at the chick to make him stop. My brother, the sadist. Hahaha. Oh ya, he was four years old that time. :)

So this restaurant is located at Puchong. I took a picture of the street name.

This is the street name.

This is the restaurant.

It is usually pack during lunch time. The food is served in buffet style. That means you have to choose what you like and serve it in the plate yourself. After you are seated, the waiter will come to ask for you drinks order and also will calculate the price for you. They will give you a small card which you have to take to the counter later on to pay for the food.

Varieties of dishes to choose from.

Inside the restaurant.

The highlight of this restaurant is of course the ayam kampung, but they have other choices of food too. My favourite will be the anchovies. You can eat it without rice.

Wow, choice of dieting! Hahaha. The anchovies there.

Mr H and his ayam kampug.

The budu famous in Kelantan. Anchovies paste.

The price is quite reasonable and the food is nice. So if you happen to be nearby, why don't you give it a try. Today's lunch maybe? *wink! 

Ambiance    :    7/10
Food            :    8/10
Price            :    8/10

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