Video promoting Submitting to Allah

I received a request to make a video promoting my book, Submitting to Allah. So of course Mr H had to be the Director. I had to tell you, it was difficult working with a perfectionist Director! Hahaha. I think we had almost 40 takes for a 40 seconds video! Mr H ran a one man show that day. He was the Director, the lighting coordinator, the setting manager, the cameraman and all other positions which I myself am confused now, hahaha. The only thing he did not do was my makeup. Because I didn't allow him to. I still want to look like Che Ta ok. And God knows if Mr H did my makeup, who will I turn into? Hehehe.

Anyway this was the outcome. Hope you understand what I was saying and hope you enjoy the video. Two amateurs working together here! So, any producer wants to take us for film shootings now? Hahaha. 

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