Burger Factory, SS15 Subang Jaya

I read about this place in someone's blog. I was looking for a nice place to eat burger. Seems like a very long time that we had burgers in ..... errr I couldn't remember, hahaha. So we came to a conclusion to try Burger Factory, SS 15 Subang Jaya. We thought it was a good idea because we could bring my aunty there too, since she is staying in Subang Jaya.

It is located near Taylor's College. You have to go inside the building and park your car at the basement or you can also park your car near the road side. It is very near McDonald, SS 15. Just the opposite. But it is on the First Floor. So you have to take the stairs or the lift. Of course, I prefer the lift, hahaha.

The interior.

It was quite busy that night.

This is known as the Pinkish!


The Boss for Mr H. It's actually beef burger.

Mine. Soft shell crab burger.

French fries.

       Whatever for my aunty. Also a type of beef burger.

We enjoyed the food of course. Especially the burger. It was our first experience eating black burger buns, hehehe. So if you want to have a bite of the burgers, you know where to find them. 

Ambiance      :       8/10
Food              :       7.5/10
Price              :       7/10 (High end restaurant)

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