Kungfu Panda 3 - The Review

Okay. I really needed to get out of the house. And my Marketing Officer said we can only watch movie if I finish writing 10 stories for my new book Candle in the Wind. Can you believe that? Isk isk. Well, he's the boss, hahaha. 

So last night we went to MBO Subang Parade. Free popcorn and drinks this time. Yay! The points I had accumulated for being their member allowed me to redeem XL Popcorn and 2 bottles of mineral water. Oh, you can ask for soft drinks too. It's just that we were on diet, hehehe.

I told Mr H I wanted to watch Kungfu Panda 3. Mr H was reluctant at first. And then I reminded him how I was being the supportive wife when I agreed to watch Batman v Superman with him last week. So he had to agree, hahaha.

Picture from Google.

Po was adorable! This time around he had to fight a battle with Kai, a warrior from the past. It's funny that Kai thought that he was the greatest warrior, from 500 years before. But nobody knows him actually, hahaha. He was really annoyed. 

Po finally got to meet his real father. 
Picture from Google.

Po's real father had come to find him and they were reunited. Po's adoptive father, was jealous of the new relationship so he followed them everywhere, even to the secret Panda Village, hahaha. What's more funny was that Po was surprised when his adoptive father could fly. And his adoptive father's response was, "I am a bird Po!", hahaha. Obviously!

We had a good laugh last night. We were laughing even after the movie, as we were walking towards the carpark. I hope nobody thought that we were crazy, hahaha. 

Seriously guys. If you are in need of a good laugh, please watch this movie. I think I enjoyed myself more watching this movie than B v. S, hehehe. 

Rating    :    8.5/10

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