My second book - Candle in the wind

This is my second book so far, after Submitting to Allah. The title Candle in the wind reflects myself. I'd like to think that the candle shines to give light in the dark and that is what I had done for the past ten years. 

My relationship with my students goes beyond the classroom. They will come to me with all sorts of problems. Sometimes they do not expect for the problems to be solved, all they need is a shoulder to cry on. 

True story.

As an ordinary human being, I myself was caught in so many problems that sometimes I think there is only one word to describe me, DESPAIR. However, as I listened to all these students sharing with me their predicaments, I started to reflect on myself and I thought, "Wow! What a whiner I was all these years!" 

Tia nearly quit her studies.

I explained in this book that being a lecturer was not my choice but then I do not regret of staying in the industry. It was a colourful journey as I had met many students who had helped to shape me into who I am today. 

One student did not even know the meaning of the word law, after few weeks in the semester, but you will be surprised at his ending.

We have different tests in this world.

I am still in touch with most of my students nowadays, despite them labeling me as a tigress in class. :) 

They were afraid of me in class but they will still approach me whenever they see me. :) Praise to Allah.

I am glad that I had a place in their life, had given some impact for them to keep going no matter what happen. I would also like them to know that they are also one of the reasons that push me above my limit until I came out from my comfort zone. I have them to thank for all my success.

A special thank to my students, past, present and future!

Back of the book.

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Free sample of Candle in the wind

If you feel like reading my colourful journey dealing with all these students, and wanting to be a part of it, you can read the PDF copy or email me at for enquiries.

Comment from my proofreader - The stories were captivating.

Who knows, you might find a story that can change your life too.


  1. Well from the excerpts i think this book is gonna be amazing

    1. Hi, Thank you the positive remark. Hope you will support this book :)