Sri Paandi Banana Leaf, PJ

I was craving for rice on banana leaf last week. After tonnes of hard work ok! I needed a break. After all I had finally finished my writing for the second book, Candle in the Wind. When I told Mr H the plan, of course his first question was, "What about the dieting?". Errrr, didn't I deserve a cheat day? Hahaha. Or maybe cheat days, with an S. So plural. :P

I googled for restaurants with banana leaves. Most of them are in PJ. We finally went to one restaurant in PJ but was told that there will be no more servings on banana leaves  that day because they ran out of banana leaves. Hmmmm. So we went to next one in the list. The name of the restaurant is Sri Paandi. By the way, I remember we went to one famous banana leaf restaurant the other day but was served with paper like banana leaf. :( I was soooo frustrated. How could you replace the original banana leaf with papers? People come for the banana leaves!

Mr H was very excited for the rassam. It is a type of soup and the taste is quite sour. Whenever I'm not well, Mr H would cook rassam for me. :) But you lost your appetite when you have fever right, so Mr H had to finish it all.  I heard no complaints from him, hahaha.

Two bowls of rassam. Of course we were not sharing, hahaha.

Two banana leaves ready to be served. Oh vadey there!

The veges. Three types. 

Now come the rice. With curry! Aaaaa, can we have cheat day everyday?

They put the gravy next to Mr H. Easier for us to have second round, hahaha.

As for the other dishes, you can order directly from the kitchen which is in front of the restaurant. They will fry your order immediately. They have chicken, fishes, squids and prawns. So you just have to choose wisely, hehehe. But if you are looking for vegetarian food, then obviously the basic veges are enough.

Fried squids. Yummy!

I just can't say anything for this picture. My tummy is growling.

Mr H loves this restaurant so much that he suggested we should go to this restaurant every week, hahaha. I have to agree with him. The food was really delicious and the price was very reasonable. Compared to the dishes that we took that day, I was surprised to see the bill. It was quite cheap. 

Ambiance    :    7/10
Food            :    9/10
Price            :    8.5/10


  1. Sri Paandi is located near my school SMK La Salle PJ. Sometimes a month, me and my friends will go there or Raju's Restaurant and enjoy some banana leaf with Roti Canai. It was the good old days and not time past very fast.

    I hope you enjoy as much as I do every time I go there. Can't wait to go back there if I have the chance.


  2. I enjoy anything that is related to food hehehe