The IMAX experience

Actually I think we had made a mistake, hehehe. We were eyeing for Luxe cinema instead of IMAX. I had read somewhere that there are cinemas in TGV that give you VVIP treatment. I though it was IMAX because of the word IMAX, which seems sooooo well, extravagant! Hahaha. So it turned out that what we were looking for was actually Luxe cinema, and not IMAX.

The IMAX cinema price is RM 33 per person. We paid RM 66 that day. There were some problems buying it online so we went early and bought the tickets from the counter. Just so you know, the price is RM 70 if you buy it online. I guess the RM 4 difference is for the service charge.

I really thought that there will be a special waiting room for us, so I was so excited to wait in front of the cinemas to feel the new experience. Well, there is no special waiting room for IMAX cinema, hahaha. So I told Mr H to ask one of the staffs there. He politely explained the differences and that was when we know we had bought the wrong tickets, tsk tsk. We should have bought the tickets to Luxe cinema. Well, next time then. Be positive! Hahaha.

So what's special about the IMAX cinema. The movie is in 3D. The picture and sound system are of course fantastic! You feel like you are part of the movie. In terms of the seating arrangement, not so much! Hmmm, the space is not that big. It is just like ordinary cinemas. The two things that can be praised of are the picture and sound system.

Well, no waiting room this time. :(

Anyway, you know in TGV Sunway Pyramid, there is a small cafe near the popcorn counter right? I bought the iced cappucino and wow! It tastes so good just like any other high end cafes. Seriously you should try their cafe. They have other drinks and food too. 

This is the cafe.

So guys, stay tuned on my report on Luxe cinemas soon. Maybe the Captain America story, hahaha. 

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