The story behind the title Submitting to Allah

When I was small, my grandmother, Hajjah Teh Halmiah Mat Piah would always tell me, Berserah Kepada Allah (Submit to Allah). In fact, she told everyone of us if we were caught in the middle of a problem. Sometimes, we would turn it into jokes among us. You have a problem? Berserah Kepada Allah! (Submitting to Allah)

But then through time, I realized that what she said was correct. If you feel that the problem is so overwhelming and you do not know how to solve it, all you have to do is Submit to Allah. Allah will do the rest. 

That was how I got the idea for the title of my book. And then I translated it to English as Submitting to Allah. The main idea of the book was reflect in the title. Just leave everything to Allah. He knows.

My grandmother, passed away in the year 2000. But she will always be remembered by us. That is also the reason why I had stated in my book that it was a tribute to her. Al-Fatihah. 

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