Vinegar Bar, Jaya Shopping Centre, PJ

I had a problem with my laptop. Suddenly it took forever just to switch it on. It might have something to do with the fact that I had accidentally click on the link to upgrade Microsoft. Oppps! Didn't know it would cost me this much trouble. The link came out quite often and it was really annoying so one day I clicked on it.

We brought the laptop to the shop where we bought it, Digital Mall, PJ. The technician said he needed one hour to repair it so we decided to do a little of window shopping at Jaya Shopping Centre.

As were walking by the second floor, someone offered Mr H a promotion drink. It was the Vinegar Bar. I declined to try because vinegar means it's sour right? Mr H however, loves it so much that he went on to buy one. 

Mr H in front of the Vinegar Bar.

 Some of the drinks that they have.

So after Mr H had bought one for himself, I decided to give it a try. Oh my God! So sour!!! But certainly good for digestion, hahaha. I guess that's why Mr H was really interested in buying.

If you want to have a try of this vinegar drink, then you can find one booth in Jaya Shopping Centre, PJ. 

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