Angry Birds (2016) - The review

Mr H was the one who is so excited to watch this movie. Because I repeatedly told him that he is a spitting image of Angry Bird. That means, he loves getting angry, for no reason, hahaha. So when he saw the advertisement about this movie on the billboard at the highway, he reminded me about it.

The poster - Picture credit to Google.

We went to watch this movie at MBO, Subang Parade. One of our favourite spot! I tried to buy the tickets online but I had some problems with Maybank2u so we decided to buy the tickets over the counter. We were given a red spectacles as free gift! Hahaha. 

See, they are like family! Hahaha.

Close up.

To tell the truth, I had never once played the Angry Bird game. Mr H on the other hand said that he likes playing the game when it was in season. So Mr H affirmed that all the plot in the game were also in the movie, hehehe.

All the bird live on an island. This Red Bird has anger management issue. He would get angry over anything and everything. Once he was angry because a baby bird was playing with football while he was asleep. He came out of the house and kicked the baby bird away! Not the football! Hahaha. Red was then punished after someone sued him in court. His punishment was to attend classes on how to manage his anger.

After that, the piggies came to that island and tried to befriend the birds. Of all the birds on that island, only Red alone was suspicious on why the piggies were there. Everybody else think that Red is just jealous.

Everyone thought Red was jealous of Piggies 
- Picture credit to Google.

It was nice to see that all of the birds cooperate together after they were attacked, despite their differences. Of course, it was a happy ending. Opppsss! Sorry I spoiled the excitement for you, hahaha. But they were all so cute!

So if you are a fan of the game Angry Bird, then you should really watch this movie. 

Rating    :    7.5/10

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