Berserah Kepada Allah, a translated version of Submitting to Allah

Like I had mentioned in the previous post here, I had chosen the title Submitting to Allah as the title to my first book because of the memory I have of my late grandmother, Hajjah Teh Halmiah Mat Piah. She used to tell us "Berserah Kepada Allah" whenever we had problems or whenever we were down. It was said in a similar tone too, everytime, hahaha. 

Berserah Kepada Allah.

I had written the book in English and it was translated to Malay language by one of my ex students, Izwan Ishak. 

Do you want to read?

It is a direct translation from English to Malay but I had written new poems for the Malay version. So basically the poems in English version are not the same as the ones in Malay version. 

More details on Berserah Kepada Allah

I had received positive comments from the readers who had read just Submitting to Allah, Berserah Kepada Allah and also from readers who had read both versions. Alhamdulillah, all of them felt motivated after reading the book. 

So if you feel down lately and need something to motivate you, you can read Berserah Kepada Allah, in PDF copy here for just USD 1.

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