Captain America: Civil War (2016) - The review

Since Mr H and I still want to take the opportunity to watch the movie for just RM 10 at GSC Sunway Pyramid, we decided to take the 5.50 p.m. show. Even though we had to run like Watson Nyambek to reach the cinema before that time, hahaha. I did ask for the movie's ticket price after 6.00 p.m. and the cashier said the price would be RM 20 each. *Gulp!

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So guys, if you want to watch movie for just RM 10 per ticket, no matter what movie it is, make sure you watch a show before 6.00 p.m. and you MUST have a Maybank Card. After that, we bought a large popcorn since we were told that the movie is going to take more than 2 hours to finish. Oh ya, the cappucino too because I just love the GSC coffee!

The story was quite long. It started with the same issue in Batman vs. Superman, where the people now are angry that the superheroes were involved in fight but did not seem to care about the chaos that came with the fight. Honestly I think this issue was a bit dramatic. Of course, we want to save all if we could. But that's life. You just can't have everything you want. 

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One woman blame Tony Stark for his son's death and that made Tony Stark agreed to the proposal tendered by the government. The government wants all of them superheroes to sign an agreement that they would agree to fight with supervision as to minimize the chaos during fighting. Which I find quite absurd.

So to cut long story short, the civil war started because Tony Stark agreed to the proposal but Captain America did not. Later on, Tony also found out who actually murdered his parents years before and that increases the tension between Tony and Captain America.

He is one ego man!
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I have to admit that this movie is better than B vs. S. There are more actions involved so that would mean I did not see most of the scenes. Why? Because I covered my eyes with my fingers and annoyed Mr H with the question, "What happen? What happen?" Hahaha.

But it is recommended for you to watch this movie because the issue raised is something exciting and logical. It is also quite straight forward so you don't need to have the genius brain to understand the movie, hehehe. 

Rating   :   7.5/10

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