Dear students, please start using Dropbox!

Dear students,

I plead to all of you, please start using Dropbox from now on. You will save much time rather than relying on your pen drives. Pen drives can always be affected by virus. And you don't need that, especially after you had spent your time polishing your presentation slides over and over again. Please also do not use email, because then you have to find it in your inbox which are also fill with other emails.

I will list down to you the reasons why you should start using Dropbox.

1. It's free!

You just need to register yourself at their website. Click here! It is very easy. There are not so many details that they will ask. Just your first name, last name and email. That's all.

2. Virus free because it is saved on the cloud.

I had never heard, so far, that Dropbox account can be attacked by virus. So your work is secured because it is saved on the cloud. No need to install any anti virus software. Whenever I have to do presentations, I will no longer need the pen drives. Most of the computers in class or seminar rooms now are equipped with internet connection. You can just view the Dropbox website and retrieve all your documents. See, no risk of pen drive getting virus attack!

3. You can download the Dropbox apps to your laptop and smart phone.

By downloading Dropbox apps to your laptop, it will function just as your ordinary folder. You can do your work and save it in the Dropbox folder. Do not worry if you don't have internet connection at the moment you save your work. Just click the save button. Once your laptop is connected to the internet, Dropbox will automatically sync all your files. It is so easy. Whenever I am discussing about something with my friends, and they request a file to be emailed to them, my answer will no longer be, "Oh, it's in my laptop/ pen drive. I will email it to you as soon as I get back home." Now, I just switch on my smart phone and click the files that they want in the Dropbox apps and in less than 2 seconds, I had already emailed them the file they wanted.

4. It is accessible anywhere, all you need is the internet connection.

I don't spend money on pen drives anymore. Remember when we had so many pen drives and then we forgot we saved which files in which pen drives? Hahaha. I don't encounter that problems anymore, because all my files are saved in Dropbox.

5. What if you lost your laptop or smartphone?

Dropbox files are accessible from anywhere as long as you have internet connection. It can also be accessible from your smart phone. So if you lost your laptop, there is nothing to be afraid of. You can use another laptop or even your smartphone, logon to the Dropbox website and click settings. Choose devices, and check all the devices that are connected with Dropbox. Unlink the connection with the laptop or smartphone that you had lost. In that situation, whoever had your laptop or smartphone can no longer view all your files. But you will still have all the files because they were all saved on the cloud. Ever wonder what will happen if you lost your pen drive? You will cry like it is the end of the world!

Choose settings.

Select security.

Unlink the devices that you no longer use.

6. You can go anywhere in the world.

If I know the place that I am going to provide computers with internet connection, then I don't bring anything with me except my brain, hahaha. You will be accessible to all your files, if you saved it in Dropbox. See how easy it is?

7. Laptop or smartphone is under virus attack? No worries!

The best part is even if your laptop or smartphone is under virus attack, all your files are still intact! After you had sent your laptop or smartphones for repair, all you have to do is just install the Dropbox apps again. While your laptop or smartphones is at the repair shop, you can still access your files by viewing it through Dropbox website. Whenever I sent my laptop for repair, and they told me that they need to reformat everything and warned me to save all my files, I will just smile and say, "You can proceed!" Hahaha. Because I did not have any files saved in my laptop. Time saving, isn't it? 

I am writing this, because I encounter situations where the moment I ask people to email me something, their respond will always be, "Ok, I will do that when I am at home/ in the office". Why????? You have smart phones with you!


Whenever the students are supposed to present, and they delayed their presentations because their pen drives or laptop are affected by virus. Then we will be wasting time because everyone have to wait until they fix that problem.

Seriously guys! You need Dropbox in this milenium. It will stop you from getting headaches. 


  1. But how about data protection? Is it safe?

    1. So far I had not encounter any mishap. Everything is safe.