Hijabify 2.0 was a success!

I received the invitation to be one of the panels for this talk from Amera, the President of Law Society Islamic Student Association, UM. When I asked her what will the talk be about, she said it is something related to women wearing hijab and why they should not let themselves be left behind. So I agreed. I think that is a simple topic. She said I was invited because I am the author of Submitting to Allah. But then she whatsapp me the poster and I started to panic, hahaha.

The poster.

The title: The line between counselling and judging others in Islam.

Errrkkkkkk.... Are they sure they invited the correct person. Maybe the invitation was meant for Dr Zakir Naik, hahaha.

There were three panels supposed to be on board, myself, Aliza Kim and Sara Ali. Unfortunately, Sara Ali could not make it so she was replaced by Amera herself. I do think it was for the best because we still need someone from the organizing team to share her insight. So it will be fair. You have two outsiders sharing their opinion on the matter. But you need to hear the opinion from someone inside the team too.

Amera told me that they will email the questions few days before the event so that I can prepare the answers. But she also said that they cannot control the Q&A sessions so you might get questions from the audience, questions that you are not prepared with, of course. Ok thanks for putting me in the panic mood since the day you invited me to the event Amera! Hahaha. 

I asked Mr H whether I should join this event and his response was ... well you can guess how he responded. "Challenge yourself!" Haih, this is the problem marrying someone who is always positive. I just wish that next time they will invite you instead so maybe you can share my panic attack, hahaha.

Selfie before going to the event. I do hope this attire made me look slimmer, hehehe.

Rule no 1! Don't ever take picture with a model beside you, hahaha. What a distinction!

Overall, I think the event was a success. Amera shared her experience being in my class, she was so scared of being late that she only had Allah to turn to, on the day she missed her bus. And surprisingly Allah answered her prayers! A bus suddenly appeared out of nowhere, hahaha. See, told you! Submit yourself to Allah. 

It went ok.

Aliza Kim shared her experience of converting to Islam. Being a daughter to the clergyman, of course it was not easy. But she persevered and made her parents understand on why she chose Islam as her religion. Alhamdulillah.

Trying to be calm.

Do I looked panic?

Here is a video of me answering the question posed by the moderator. I think the question was "How do you submit yourself to Allah". I did ask Mr H to record it on video everytime it's my turn to speak but he forgot. So this is the only video I have. *sob sob.

So to Law Society UM, please do not hesitate to invite me again, hahaha. It was enjoyable to be on stage with the other 2 wonderful panels. It also helped me to come out from my cocoon and to learn something new. Boy, do I need to master the art of public speaking. *wink!

Received a mug from them. Thank you!

Group photo.

Selfie together. Wefie?

In conclusion, you only have Allah to turn too. A person who is busy repairing his/ her relationship with Allah does not listen to negative criticism. And I am not sharing this to be arrogant, I am just a humble servant of Allah. It was a self check for me, something that all of us should consider doing!


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