Lombok retreat - Anyone interested?

I had been to Lombok somewhere in 2011/ 2012. I can't remember exactly. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of Lombok anymore since all of our hard disks were stolen, and that includes the picture while we were in Makkah :( 

At that point of time, there was no direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Lombok. So we had to take a flight to Jakarta first, stayed there one night. From Jakarta, we took a flight to Lombok by LionAir. At first, we thought that LionAir is owned by Singapore because of the name Lion, hahaha. But then we learned that LionAir is owned by Indonesia. 

The map of Lombok - Taken from Google.

The plane was quite small and I can still remember that the aircond was so cold. The journey was not that smooth, the plane hit the air pocket few times that I could not wait to reach Lombok as soon as possible hahaha. 

Personally, I like Bali better at that point of time. Because of the romantic mood, hehehe. People seldom travel to Lombok so the nature was very beautiful and mesmerizing and still 'untouched'. 

However, in the recent years, tourist had started to discover Lombok, and since Bali is too crowded now, they prefer to go to Lombok instead to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

The beach in Lombok - Taken from Google.

What I remember about Lombok was the story about the komodo lizards. Eeewwwww!!!! They are very, very big! And I was told that they can attack a cow in group and eat the cow. We stayed at the Jakarta Lombok Beach Resort and were advised not to go out at night, in case we ran into some of these komodos! Arrrghhhhhh!!!

Apart from that, I think Lombok is very peaceful and calm. The kind of place that you would want to be with your family, for a nice retreat from your busy schedule. We are also saving up to go there since they said there are some changes and improvement made in Lombok.

You will get this kind of scenery if you are in Lombok - Picture credit to Google.

Nice place to unwind - Picture credit to Google.

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Aren't you thankful that Airasia has its flight going to Lombok directly from Kuala Lumpur now, hahaha. If you need more information on this, feel free to whatsapp me:


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