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I love Vietnam! It's a shopping heaven! When I was there, I think we made frequent trips to Ben Than Market, in a day, hahaha. The prices are much much cheaper than the prices in KL, no wonder many Malaysians go there and buy the products, and they sell it here. It has become a business opportunity for Malaysians. 

Ben Than Market - Picture credit to Google.

The moment I remember the most during the trip was when we followed a tour for sightseeing in their village. Just to see how their local people are living. 

I was on that boat... I couldn't believe myself, hahaha. - Picture credit to Google.

So we arrived at this orchard where the tour guide invited us to try some of the local fruits. Among them were the mangosteen. Since they were also foreigners in that group, the tour guide tried his best to explain about all the local fruits. When he arrived at the topic of mangosteen, this is what he said, "Mangosteen, very sweet. Asian fruit. Can only be found in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia!" 

Sweet mangosteen. - Picture credit to Google.

Oh that really made my aunty angry, that she immediately responded, "Excuse me! Malaysia also have mangosteen. I have many, many mangosteen at the back of my house!" Hahaha. Well, she is telling the truth right. Why did the tour guide omit our country from the list? We Malaysians love mangosteen because we have it here.

So many choices! How do you make the decision to buy? - Picture credit to Google.

So, if you feel like doing some shopping, for personal or business purposes, you can join the tour organized by Daun Hijau Travel & Tours on 29th Nov until 2 Dec 2016. Maybe you will get the chance to taste their mangosteen too :P

Jom shopping di vietnam

4 hari 3 malam
29 Nov - 02 Dec 2016
Hanya RM 1590 seorang (Quote my blog!)

Apa lg meh la tempah dgn kami...☘☘☘☘☘☘
Daun Hijau Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd

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