Teaching law to the non - law students

I am a law lecturer, with more than 10 years of experience in teaching law. Throughout my teaching years, I had taught law students and also the non-law students. Although teaching new students is always a challenge, I find that it is more difficult to relate to the non-law students. 

From the moment I enter the first class, they will give me the evil eyes. Yup! Eyes! Because every students in the class will give me the same look. The treat you as someone not important and they will show it to you through their attitude that you are a nuisance, please just teach and get this over and done with! :P

I wonder why they keep close to the tigress. I still did not have my lunch that day. Grrrr! Hahaha.

That is the real challenge for me. To get the students to love law even though they do not have any interest in law. They love it if I engage the class in discussions over criminal law matters. Even though sometimes it is not part of the syllabus, I will just let them dwell in it in one or two classes, talking about criminal cases, just to attract their interest in law. 

My last day in UiTM. Hello Kitty here and there. Thank you guys!

Alhamdulillah, I think I had done my job well. The passing rate is above ordinary hehehe. And sometimes I myself would be surprised at their results. There was one time that I was afraid to submit the marks to my Coordinator, because more than 20 students get A in class! People might think that I had given them the questions before exam. But then trust me! I have thousands of students to prove that I had never ever given them any hint on the exam questions. And I know they hate me for that. But do I look like I care? Hahaha. You can contact any of them and ask, thousands of testimonials there, on whether I had given them any hints.

Whether their love is genuine or not? You have to ask them hahaha. A cake before I resigned.

I remember when I was teaching Commercial law to Accounting students in Puncak Perdana. At first I was proud of myself, because I get to teach students for Fast Track programmes. They must be very good students so I do not have to teach much right? Because they are already good students.

However, it turned out differently. Wow, they really had tested my patience. They could not grab the lessons well and always have difficulties in answering the tutorials. Sometimes, I lost my temper in class because they could not remember something which I had taught them in class last week! And I know they are actually good students because they came from a well-known high school. 

One day, I could not contain my anger any longer. I know they could have understand, it is just that they were putting a block in their mind to not understand it. I told them that starting from that week, we will just practice doing the tutorials until I think we can move on. I will stop all lectures and just focus on what had been taught. What was the point of moving on to the new topics if you could not even remember the previous lessons? 

They did show some improvements a few weeks later. That was the evidence that they actually could have done it if they pushed it to their limits. I continued with the lectures and tutorials. I was exhausted teaching that class because I had to channel all my energy towards them. A topic that can be explained in 20 minutes will stretch to an hour because I had to teach it slowly so that they can digest the information.

Fast forward to the day I marked their answer scripts, I was smiling from ear to ear because all of them passed! No failures at all! Wow! That is an achievement, with more than 5 students getting A. Alhamdulillah. 

Non-law students! Excuse me, do not make a comparison between me and the Angry Bird :P

Flowers from Mr H, on the day I resigned. He still could not compute how can a tigress attracts her students in class! Hahaha.

So if you ask me, why do I take the offer to teach non-law students, that will be my answer. You do not need to draw a difference between a plaintiff and a defendant to the law students, because they knew it from the start. But with the non-law students, I need more than one hour just to explain who is the plaintiff and who is the defendant. That, for me, is a true challenge! 

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