The art of teaching

I know that as a lecturer, I need to master the art of public speaking. A lecturer cannot be reading from the slides and then reprimand his students when they read the slides during presentations. 

I admit that I am actually an introvert. I hate to be the center of attention. Once, I attended a course, and all of us were supposed to take an evaluation test. My marks for the introvert section was 9/10, hahaha. Anyway, Mr H is coaching me on how to be an extrovert now. Sometimes I do feel jealous of him. He can start a conversation with anyone, anywhere and anytime!

Throughout the years of teaching, I had learned to develop myself. The art of teaching is not something that you are born with, well maybe to some, but definitely not to me. I always imagine that if I am the student, how would I like my lecturer to be? 

That is the reason why, I think I am build with these 3 amazing lecturers characters that shaped me into the lecturer that I am today. I observed the way they teach, the way they handle their classes and their relationships with the students.

After sales service, hehehe.

Listening to their stories.

I admire them for their wisdom, the way they react when students ask them questions and the relationship they have with their students after class. I always tell Mr H that lecturers and students do have the vendor - client relationships. The after class sharing session is considered as our after sales service or customer support service to the clients, who are the students.

1. Puan Rafizah Abu Hasan.

She taught me Non-Contentious Legal Matters (Will & Probate) when I was doing my LL.B (Hons). She is very punctual and she knows what she wants to teach from the start of the semester. She will outline the syllabus and make it clear to the students. Though she is strict, but she can adapt to the students' problems, if they have any, for not attending her classes. Let's face it. All of us are humans, and from time to time we do have some unexpected circumstances to deal with. She is very understanding and is willing to help, provided these students are willing to learn. I admire her for her commitments to her work and her students. It is normal for lecturers to get new subjects sometimes, but she is willing to study the subject and put extra effort in learning it. So that she can facilitate the students in understanding it later. I had graduated for more than 10 years and yet we still remain close. She acts like a sister and will go out of her way to help me even when I have personal problems.

The relationship continues.

2. Dr Jashpal Kaur

She taught me Administrative Law during my second semester. You can ask any law students, their reply will be the same. Administrative Law is a dry subject. However, she managed to get the students glued to their seats during her lectures. She is very strict with time. I remember that she took the attendance of her students by calling out their names one by one. Please do not be late for her class. Actually I do not know what will happen if you are late for her class because I was never late and so were my classmates. We did not want to know what would be the effect for coming late, hahaha. I like the way she teach. Very clear and straight to the point. She is very knowledgeable too. Sometimes I feel that she memorized the MP Jain book on Administrative Law. Because she is very firm with time, her students respect her for that and she never had any problems with latecomers. In a way, she inspired me on how to encounter students with tardiness attitude. 

3. Prof Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi

Nobody can deny how knowledgeable Prof Shad is. And how humble he is. You can stop him in the middle of the street and ask him something that you want to know about law. He will NEVER say no. He helped me a lot, as a student and as a lecturer. I am a nobody to compare with him but he is always willing to prepare a recommendation letter for me, should I need one. Let's face it, he is an Emeritus Professor and I am just a .... well, nothing, hahaha. But never once he said No when I asked for his help. He proves that you will not lose your wisdom just because you help someone who is not from the same level as you. Ask him anything on law, he will answer.

So, teaching is not just something that you practice in class. It goes beyond the class. Sometimes I feel that being a lecturer is like being a doctor. You have to be ready to forego your time for the benefit of others. But I enjoy it. So much. I have no complaints at all.

I am a teacher

Once you had chosen to become a teacher,
You have to educate and start to nurture,
The young minds are always eager to learn,
Their predicaments have now become your concern.

But you are not God, you are just a human,
You cannot force if they do not want to learn,
Just guide them through to the possible path,
And let them choose their own aftermath. 

By Nurnazida Nazri

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